The unisex perfume SUEDE PATCHOULI от AMIRA PERFUMES е съвършен аромат за независими жени и мъже, живеещи по своите собствени правила.
The high content of 50% perfume extract allows you to enjoy the unique aroma throughout the day!
Fragrance ingredients: Cocoa, patchouli, woody accords, iris, Bulgarian rose, fruit, leather, suede
Year 2020 by Amira Perfumes
Give yourself a fragrance that will make you absolutely unique on any occasion!

69.99 лв.


AMIRA SUEDE PATCHOULI is a captivating woody-chypre fragrance created by AMIRA PERFUMES in 2020. It has a luxurious and chic look, irresistible aura and fantastic charm. The composition reveals notes of cocoa, patchouli and elegant woody accords . They are followed by the floral duo: iris and Bulgarian rose , which make the fragrance even more classy and feminine. The finishing touches are marked with fruity shades, leather and suede . Together they make the composition even more impressive.
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