AMIRA QUEEN INTENSE | Луксозен парфюм от Amira Perfumes
QUEEN INTENSE is a masterpiece of the gods. Its aroma captivates and fascinates. A real trouble in heaven. Sensual aroma with hints of flat salty vanilla, which one adores. Sexy queen.
The high content of 50% perfume extract allows you to enjoy the unique aroma throughout the day!
Top tinges: lemon flowers, tangerine
Core tinges: water lily, water jasmine
Base tinges: cashmere, amber gray, sea salt, vanilla
Year 2020 by Amira perfumes
Group Colorful, Aquatic
Give yourself a fragrance that will make you absolutely unique on any occasion!

69.99 лв.


The aroma radiates cheerfulness , lightness, freshness combined with tenderness and sex appeal . Extremely delicate fragrance, suitable for spring and summer , creating the feeling of sun-kissed skin and divine presence. The perfume pyramid opens with a fresh explosion of lemon flowers and a playful tangerine . At the core, water lily and water jasmine create the image of tenderness and crystal clear water. The base is composed of sensuality of sweet vanilla and sea salt, cashmere and gray amber , completing the image of QUEEN INTENSE .
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