LOTUS is an inspiration for the unique vision and duality of the modern woman: bold and sexy, elegant and mysterious, good and bad.
The high content of 50% perfume extract allows you to enjoy the unique aroma throughout the day!
Top tinges: tuberose
Core tinges: jasmine sambac
Base tinges: fine beans, cocoa
Year : 2020 by Amira perfumes
Group Oriental, Colorful
Give yourself a fragrance that will make you absolutely unique on any occasion!

69.99 лв.


LOTUS - Forever pushing and exceeding the limit, the mysterious sensuality. Creates a modern but sophisticated fragrance . LOTUS is mysterious women's perfume from the group of oriental-colored fragrances. It embodies a new, exciting combination of notes of tuberose and tonka beans. In this way it expresses the duality of female nature. The new perfume is mysterious, with a rich and deep sound, described as a sexy, seductive and daring oriental fragrance. Saturated and multi-layered , with a moderate gourmet halo, built by combining the main notes of intoxicating white colors, tuberose and dark tonka beans, emphasizing the dual nature of the composition. The light side is represented by jasmine sambac, the dark line enhances the accords of cocoa.
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