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The scent defines the personality, expressing who we are before we even say a word.
It evokes a world that is immediate, mood-changing, and capable of transporting our imagination to another place or time.

AMIRA PERFUMES is a manufacturer of luxury and high quality cosmetics, perfumes and scented candles in Bulgaria.

We focus all our creativity, innovation and energy on creating fragrances that ignite the imagination. We have a wide range of perfume oils.

If you want to offer limited products and quality products in your physical or online store, we at AMIRA PERFUMES are ready to offer you very attractive conditions! We are ready to work with shops and boutiques in Bulgaria and Europe, offering the end customer some unique products at affordable prices!

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A key factor for us is working with physical stores and their online channels, long-term and open relationships, proper positioning and attitude towards products.

You can request a partnership by filling out the contact form or contact us at +359 898 400369.